Music & Videos

In 2019, we released "That Perfect Day", our first, all-original, professionally-produced studio album. 

You can stream and download the  5-song EP from major digital outlets including Bandcamp*, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and online music sources.


* Physical CDs available from  Bandcamp and at our shows

VIdeo - She's My Sister (BY POOR MAN'S HIGH)

Professionally shot and edited concert video of  "She's My Sister" from "That Perfect Day"

VIDEO - Please Don't Rain On My Parade (by Poor man's High)


Poor Man's High at the Queen West Art Crawl

Video courtesy of Ernesto Traviesto

VIDEO - Simmer Down / A Message To You Rudy (COVER Medley)


Poor Man's High at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

Video courtesy of Roughclips

VIDEO - Rubberneckin' (Cover)


Poor Man's High at The Silver Dollar Room

Video courtesy of Roughclips